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Our Mission

The Friends of the German Heritage Museum (FGHM) was formed to support the German Heritage Museum, and was established by the German-American Citizens League (GACL).

The FGHM is affiliated with the GACL, which serves as the umbrella organization for the German-American societies of the region and also maintains the Museum.

The German Heritage Museum

German Heritage MuseumThe German Heritage Museum serves as a focal point in presenting and displaying German-American culture. This museum is the first of its kind in the region and a testament to the many contributions German immigrants and their descendants have made in the growth of the Ohio Valley and America. The museum focuses especially on representing the history of German-Americans in the Greater Cincinnati area, which became and remains one of the major German-American centers in the United States. In addition, displays showcase the activities of the organizations currently under the umbrella of the German-American Citizens' League of Greater Cincinnati.

The History of the German Heritage Museum

In 1995, the descendants of the Philip Feist family of Delhi Township approached the German-American Citizens League with an offer to donate their family homestead. It is estimated that the original log home was built around 1840. In the interest of preserving German-American history, the GACL decided that turning the log house into a museum would be both a way to preserve the house itself and a method to create a venue to maintain the German heritage of Cincinnati. The house was disassembled and brought to West Fork Park in Monfort Heights in Green Township. It is in this park that the treasured home of the Feist family has evolved to become the German Heritage Museum. Join The Friends The FGHM invites the support of all who are interested in the German Heritage Museum and wish to ensure its continued success for future generations. We strongly encourage all those interested in the German Heritage Museum to become a member of the FGHM! Friends of the Museum may also wish to volunteer as guides at the Museum or assist in locating items of German-American heritage for donation to the Museum.

Membership Category

Non-Profit Organization


Memberships, heritage items and financial donations will support the Museum, as well as its ongoing educational programs and activities in the Greater Cincinnati area.
Make your contribution payable to the German-American Citizens League, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  Gifts are tax deductible.

Please mail your membership or contribution to:
Karin Albrecht
GACL Treasurer
3258 Hanna Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45211

For further information, contact:
Dr. Don Heinrich Tolzmann
GACL President
6829 Westin Ridge
Cleves, OH 45002