The German Heritage MuseumWhy Visit The German Heritage Museum?

One volunteer's perspective...

Make unexpected friends at the German Heritage Museum

During those times when I am not greeting guests at the German Heritage Museum I look around the room and inspect the photos of individuals from the composites of old societies. How different, I think, were they from me - different times, different looks. In relationship to me they seem so remote and unrelated. How nice it is that we have such history in a convenient innate pictorial form hanging on the walls of our quaint museum. After all, photos of the past lend well to the historical credibility of our little institution.

However, after repeated exchanges of glances with the sincere and stern looks of the captured images on those collages a certain reverence emerges from within. I begin to appreciate an association with those individuals whose lives strove to make their communities a better place. Through their convictions and contributions they transferred the ideals of the Old World in order to help others improve their lives in the new one.

Perhaps when you come to the museum you will experience a special connection with one or more of our friends from the past. You too, might just experience the magic in the erosion of remoteness and realize the connections of their inspirations and contributions and the present positive effects it has upon us.


* The Museum is open Sundays from 1:00-5:00 PM from the Sunday AFTER Mother's Day through the end of October.
* The Museum is closed during the Winter season, but available by appointment.
You can contact the museum staff at:
German Heritage Museum
4764 West Fork Road
Cincinnati, OH 45247
or call (513) 598-5732